Culture method and precautions of summer hairs

Aquaculture method of summer

Light and temperature

Summer hairs is a very photograph, and the light is sufficient during its growth. Putting summer gains in a place with sunshine, flowering will be more beautiful. But when the sun is strong in the summer, it should also pay attention to the shade to keep the leaves. But it is not too shadless, and there will be a long situation.

Hummer will like high temperature environment, can resist high temperature, but not cold. In winter, when the temperature is less than 12 degrees, it will be put into indoor maintenance, and the wintering temperature is preferably more than 15 degrees, avoiding frost, so as not to cause the death of the sand plant.


Summer will like the soil of good drainage, and the soil is required to have fat and wet.

Water fertilizer management

Summer willing to wet the environment, the growth period is diligent, but watering water should not be too much, keep the pot soil moist. The potting soil can be poured. Watering in summer should avoid high temperature during noon, soil maintains a certain moist, but also in the water water increases air humidity. Water water is also in accordance with the principle of drying.

An organic fertilizer is needed before the cultivation of exercise. However, summer will not have a large demand for fertilizer, and it can be 2 to 3 fertilizers or organic fertilizers. Just ensure that the growth of summer will have a plenty of nutrients, it can make it grow vigorously, and blossoms.

Catacity precautions in summer

Breeding method

The breeding method of summer will is mainly two kinds of breeding and cutting breeding.

Other considerations

The whole growth process should be done during the entire growth process of summer. Pick-heart can promote multi-branches and flowers.

At the time of day-to-day management of summer, pay attention to the prevention and treatment of pests, often observe the growth status of summer, in order to find pests and diseases in time, early treatment.

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