Cuttings soil collection

Rivers and sand

It is best to choose rough stones without organic matter. This kind of substrate advantage is that the breathability is good, it is easy to absorb heat, and the temperature is very fast, which is conducive to the root of the plant; the disadvantage is poor water retention, and water should be supplemented in time.

River sand can be used in the cactus, custard, and pan flowers in cuttings and plants. It can also be used for thousands of years of orchids and large rock tungs.

Verion and suction

Verion stones and perlite are suitable for cuttings of various flowers and seedlings, which are ideal cuttings.


The humus content of peat soil is high, strong water retention, and mixing with river sand is applied to cuttings for most flowers.

Rotten soil

Rotten leaf soil is relaxed, breathability and drainability are generally mixed with other soils, which can improve the soil, which is conducive to the growth of plants.

Wood soil

The wood soil is piled up with the soil after the dead branches and the wood chips are rotted with the soil, and there are many nutrients.


Mountain mud is made of deciduous branches in the mountains and forests.


The rock wool is not easy to deform during the cultivation process, and has a relatively high water holding and lower water tension.


As one of the moisturizing medium, orchid is not directly used as cuttings.

Water moss

Water moss is used in cuttings to prevent the dryness of the scion.

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