Deadly fatigue?A few tricks with the 60 -year -old old flower agriculture, no taste at home!

Add brown sugar

1. First of all, the fertilizer is not completely cooked, and it will taste. The real fermented fertilizer has only a little sour taste and will not have odor. Brown sugar can accelerate fermentation and shorten the odor stage during fermentation.

2. Fermented fertilizer is acidic. If you can’t determine the degree of pH, you can buy a pack of pH test strips for self -test. The picture below is a complete fermentation, the pH value is about 3.

Add orange peel

1. Chop the orange peel, grapefruit skin, orange peel, etc. into small pieces and pour it into the fat container. In this way, the fat not only smells small, but also has a faint fragrance.

2. Display the lid once in 4 or 5 days at the beginning, put it once a week after half a month, and then put it once a month, and then there is no need to put it. At the beginning, there were more gas, and fewer and fewer later.

The system is 2 months, and the lid is unscrewed. If there is no odor, it can be used.

Add EM bacteria

1. EM bacteria are commonly used in agriculture. During the fertilizer, pour an EM bacteria in the barrel, which can speed up the fermentation speed and eliminate the odor.

2. Under the figure, the result of fermenting for a week after using EM bacteria. In the jar, there are all kinds of peels and juice residues. You can see that it has basically begun to rot.

Put the glass of the bottle and seal it, which can be used in one month, and it can not smell the smell at all.


1. The leachy contains a lot of lactic acid bacteria and yeast, which is a natural fermented agent. Pour a bit of distiller when you fertilize, which can greatly shorten the fertilizer time.

2. After the grain is fat, the taste will not smell bad, but there will be a faint wine. The compost of the figure below uses sandwich method, that is, a layer of soil, a layer of kitchen waste, and another layer of soil … After the grains in the middle, the colonies grow in the middle. Cooked.

Add chipped peach leaf

1. Everyone must know if you are poisonous, everyone must know. Add the chipped leaves during the fertilizer, which can kill insects and dispel small bugs.

2. Put the chipped leaves, put it directly into the fat barrel, and stir it.

Add lime

1. Flowers often complain that their hard -working fertilizer gave birth to bugs, and they had to throw away. In fact, you can add a little lime powder to the fat barrel.

2. Adding lime can not only sterilize and disinfection, but also contains a lot of calcium fertilizer, which can supplement nutrition for plants in the later stage.

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