Dianthus’s farming method

Soil selection of Dahlia

Da Liquan has a smooth soil that grows in loose, rich in rot and drainage. Potted Dahli Flowing soil, it is best to choose a vegetable garden soil, rot leaveso, sand and large manifestation. The soil has a strong viscosity, and the soil that has been knocked is preferably not selected, it is easy to stain the root.

Dahlia watering method

Da Lihua, but avoid water, it is afraid of water, it is because the dahlia has meat, watering too much root is easy to rot, but the leaves are blusted, the evaporation is large, and more moisture is needed. Therefore, watering should be mastered the principle of “drying”. Generally, the small seedlings in the pre-growth, the amount of water is limited, sunny day can be watered once every day to ensure that the soil is slightly moist, too dry too much.

After growing, the leaves of the leaves, the water consumes, the weather is consumed, and the weather in the north wind, there is no water shortage in noon or in the evening, and should be appropriately increased.

Dynasty fertilization method

Da Lihua is a fertilizer flower. From the beginning of seedlings, it will generally take a thin liquid fertilizer from the beginning of the seedlings. It should be taken once 7 to 10 days after now. When the flower bud is colorful, it should stop water, and the temperature is high is not appropriate.

The amount of fertilization is based on the growth of the plant, and the shallow of the leaves is absent; it is contrary, if the fertilizer is excessive, the edge of the blade is puzzled or the leaf tip is yellow. The blade thickness and green is a suitable performance of the topishment. The concentration of topdressing should be increased once more than once, so that the stem can be thick.

How to trim Da Lihua

The beautiful flower will also be resilible, so learn to trim. The whole branch of potted dahlia should be flexible according to the variety. Generally, large varieties use a single plastic surgery, medium-sized varieties adopt four plastic surgery methods.

Solar shaping is retaining the bud, out of all the axillary buds, enabling the nutrition, forming a low, large flowers of the large flowers.

The four plasticings are the branches of the base, retain the base, and form four sides of the branches, and each of the branches will be the top buds.

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