Diaoli Wenzhu gets rich trees, so it will be raised in summer, otherwise …

1 spiderland

Points to pay attention to summer maintenance:

Schola can resist high temperature, but it is not tolerated. If it is maintained on the balcony in summer, pay attention to shading. If the light is too strong, it is easy to sunburn its leaves.

In addition, to increase the frequency of watering and ventilation, you can often spray water on the leaf surface to increase the surrounding air humidity and avoid dry tip.

2 Fortune Tree

Points to pay attention to summer maintenance:

Fortune tree likes a high temperature and high humidity environment. The temperature in summer is high, which is very conducive to the growth of the fortune tree, so this time generally increases the frequency of watering.

In addition, keep a moist environment and avoid too dry air, leading to yellow leaves, avoid exposure.

3 jasmine

Points to pay attention to summer maintenance:

Entering summer, jasmine is at a flowering period. It is necessary to ensure sufficient light and promote plant flowering. The fertilizer combined with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is applied once a week, such as cake fertilizer and organic organic fertilizer, etc., which can make flowers more fragrant.

Jasmine likes acidic soil. It can spray iron sulfate every ten days. When keeping the soil wet and watering during the growing period, avoid water to the flowers.

4 camellia

Points to pay attention to summer maintenance:

In June, camellia started flower bud differentiation, so it is necessary to supplement the appropriate amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, such as potassium dihydrogen phosphate. Many people do not bloom, mostly caused by insufficient fertilizer.

5 Green Luo

Points to pay attention to summer maintenance:

Summer is the peak period of green dill. At this time, pay attention to keeping the soil moist, appropriately apply some nitrogen fertilizer to avoid light exposure and place it in the scattered light environment.

Hydroponic green dill, do not add nutrient solution in summer. Once the water quality is found to become turbid, change water immediately to reduce germs infection and cause root rot.

6 Changshouhua

Points to pay attention to summer maintenance:

In summer, the temperature is rising, and the longevity flowers enter the dormant period. At this time, the amount of watering must be reduced. It is very easy to cause the plant to rot and the light is still sufficient, but do not expose it. When the light is too weak, the plant is easy to grow.

7 Wenzhu

Summer maintenance points:

One thing to pay attention to in summer in summer is moisturizing, spraying more water, reducing exposure, and strengthening ventilation.

8 copper coin grass

Summer maintenance points:

Coppercurus is most afraid of water dehydration. In summer, the temperature is high and fast, which can easily lead to water dehydration. It is recommended that you have to plant the copper coins in half water and half soil. Coppercurus is more lush.

Flowers, have you learned?

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