Different in onion and leeks

Difference: Look at the blade

The color of the dishwood is generally white, and the flowers of the leek are generally pink, the flowers of the leelands are slightly larger than the dishwood.The flower shape is not much different, that is, the dish orchid is white, the leelands are red.

Difference: Lookiness

The flower of the dishwood is full of autumn, and it is a little red, the flower is divided into six petals, the flower is relatively long, very light, and it is very resistant to half, the light is too strong, it is easy to take it.

The leelands are extremely strong, drought, and the ability to resist high temperature is very strong, and the most suitable growth temperature is 22 ~ 30 ° C.Flower in the summer, often a book, pink flowers, flowers of 6 petals or 8 petals.

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