Different Night City and Night City

Non night city and night city charm

No night city leaves are green, no night city kinship leaves, yellow or yellow-green.

Not night city and no night city brocade

The reproduction of aloe vera in night city can be combined with a flushing, and cutting can also be carried out.When the plant reproduces, select the rooted seeds, and the stems with the blade are selected when cutting.

The reproduction of Night City Jinjin can also be plants and cutting, but the small seedlings of the small seedlings are preferably yellow, if all are yellow, because the plants cannot synthesize nurses, it is difficult to survive after planting, so that the small seedlings have a greenAfter the leaves, the planting is removed; and the pure green seedlings are survived, they are prone to “returning to the ancestors”, they will be their original “no night city aloe vera.”

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