Do Africa 光 need sunshine?

Do Africa 光 need sunshine?

African crickets need to meet sufficient light. Generally better light conditions are sufficient scattered light. Specifically, there is bright light, but it is not direct sunlight.

We must pay attention to the intensity of light. Different varieties are actually different for light. We must pay attention to the impact of light on plants to avoid their death.

The demand for light in Africa 的

Generally, the demand for light because of the different varieties of the variety is different. For example, the variety of spots and light leaves requires relatively small amount of light. If there are too many light, it is easy to catch the pot. And too little light, it will cause leaflet phenomena.

These are actually problems with the intensity of light. Generally, it is recommended that Africa has sufficient scattered light. It is not recommended to radiate direct light.

However, some varieties can be resistant to light, and these should be paid attention to water supplement.

There is also in winter, African 堇 needs to increase light in order to bloom better. And at this time, pay attention to the cold prevention, it is best to move into the room with sufficient light. If the indoor light is too poor, it should be replenished in time.

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