Do not flow in the night city?

Night city flower period

Night City is the vera, which is a meat herb, and the winter is blooming in early spring. The loose total sequence is extracted from the upper portion of the leaves, the flower is a cylindrical shape, and the flowers present orange.

No night city flowering conditions

There are many people who don’t know that they can bloom in the night city, and many people will not see the night city to flow in many years.

In fact, no nightcare is very suitable, very drought, if you can manage, you can do a beautiful flower.

For Night City, sufficient moisture, light and higher temperatures are essential for flowering.

Not night city is very drought, but afraid of water. Pay attention to watering skills, watering should not excessive. The good leaves of water control will be very full, and they are more likely to flow.

Not night city likes sunlight. To get more light in the night city. But pay attention to sunshade in summer, pay attention to insulation in winter.

No night city is hot, it is suitable for growth temperature at about 20 ° C, which will be frozen below zero. It is necessary to do anti-frozen measures in winter to warm up indoors.

Do a good job in pests and diseases, often check the growth status of Night City in order to find out the rotten roots, leaves, yellow, etc., timelyly.

No night city blossom picture

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