Do you have to poison? Can you raise at home?

Do you have to poison? Can you raise at home?

Friends who like flesh can be relieved, although the jade sees are bright, but they are absolutely poisonous, they can raise at home!

Pregnant women can also raise.

Yulu likes cool and ventilated environment, can be well raised in the half-covered state. The light should not be too strong, but it can’t be covered.

After putting on the screen, it is slightly sun-filled, so that the blade is full.

Can Yulu can be placed in the computer desk, harmful?

Jade dew is breeze because of the bright colors, the variety is diverse, suitable for placing the balcony shadow or breeding after the screen.

I like to have green or you can see live in front of you, you can put it in the living room or computer desk, as long as you pay attention to the daily illumination of spring and summer autumn and winter.

Yulu is placed on the computer desk, not only there is no harm, but there are many benefits. When you blink, you can see it like a vibrant, your mood will be very pleasant.

Need you to use it, you can also cultivate your patience your care!

Under normal circumstances, the meat is very followed, and there will be no more than a poison. Unless some introduced wild varieties, the faders should pay attention to multi-party queries when they are cultured.

Yu Lu can be reassured! Hold a football!

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