Do you know if you are spent in March?


Trimming the potted spring, plum, and kumquat. Spring, plum blossoms, the leaves, the repair should be carried out after flowering. In addition to cutting the dead branches, pests and diseases, weaken, over the branches, should be tuned for a year of branches, just stay 2-3, can promote germination of new branches, blossoming. Kumquat has a heavier trimming in the spring germination, usually leaves 4-5 buds of the buds in the thick year, and the growing branches are buddhous, which can promote more thick Spring. It is conducive to flowering.


Since the weather is warm, it is necessary to continue to do cold work when he is cold. When the temperature is increased, it should open the doors and windows during the day to strengthen the ventilation, so that the flowers grow and robise, avoid some flowers and flowers and flowers affect the future.


Do a good job in rhododendron, Spring, plum, tea, and Swiss and other flowers and evergreen broad leaf stump bonsai.


On the veteran, the pot is the most suitable in early spring, it is best to choose a 2-3 years of growth.

Flower five

For the flowers such as darts, gentlemann and kumquats, and the binding fertilizer should be subjected to nitrogen and phosphorus. In addition to gentleman, fertilizer can be slightly thus, prompting it to grow, bud and blossom in April.


When you have a cold and cold, you have a good time. When you have risen, turn on the window for about 10 days, so that they will gradually adapt to the outdoor environment, and will gradually move it to outdoor maintenance.

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