Do you want to bloom with drugs?

Do you want to bloom with drugs?

Drugs can bloom. At present, three plants are called drug grass. These three plants can bloom, but the shape and color flowering period of the flowers are different.

Vanilla grass, also known as drug grass and bee flowers. When blooming, it is generally open -lip -shaped white flowers. The flowering period is from July -August.

Wrinkle leaf Lanxiang, alias is drug grass, spiked inflorescence, and the inflorescence is long. When flowering, the corolla is purple.

Elixiang tea is also called drug grass. When blooming, there are light purple flowers on the branches, and the flowers have purple spots on the flowers. Its flowering period is not fixed, and it will be different according to the age of the plant and the degree of trimming. Generally, under the conditions of short -day photos, it will be more conducive to flowering.

Flower period of drug grass

When blooming flowers from drugs, you need to pay attention to some maintenance points. In this way, flowering will be better.

First of all, the drug grass is more conducive to flowering under the conditions of half sunshine or less.

Secondly, during the growth of drug grass, the soil needs to be kept moist and not too dry.

The most important point is fertilization. Drugs are more fat, and some fertilizers can be applied frequently when breeding. However, it is best not to fertilize before blooming or flowering. After the flowers, you can apply compound fertilizer every two weeks, but you need to pay attention to avoid fatter.

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