Do you want to pay attention to spring family?

Although the flowers are beautiful, they need to be careful, only under your care, the flowers can do a more beautiful flowers, bring you bigger gains. Spring flower will need to pay attention to the following:

1, transfer the pot

Generally, the flowers and green plants are purchased. It is best to plant it after returning home, do not easily move the basin, especially at this time, the weather is warm and cold, many plants must be deeper, a shot Will make the flower root must be unfavorable, causing plant death. At the time of purchase, pay attention to whether potted flowers have been moved during sale, and the soil that is generally not moved is harder, and there is a cake, and the floral soil that has been raised is less. Of course, there is many flowers that have been planted for many years, and you can choose to move a basin in March to April, because the climatic conditions of these two months are conducive to flowering and growth.

2, watering

Fruit plants such as Buddha, Kumquat, etc., not only keep the pot soil, but also give the leaves, flowers, fruits, so that the leaves are green, the flower buds are quickly expanded, and the fruit is bright. Purchase of large flowers in the greenhouse in the greenhouse, one pointers, etc. For a variety of pineapple flowers such as Geely Star, high red star, if the room temperature is less than ten days to 15 degrees, not only control watering, but it should not be too much water in the blade, to prevent rottenness.

3, fertilization

Mountain tea, tea plum, Du Rhododendron, Junzilan, Hongmei, Big Huayuan, etc. And potted plants should stop all forms of topdressing.

4, trim

In March to Sprm, the plants of potted plants should be destroyed and destroyed from the branches of the branches and leaves infected with pests and diseases. Some varieties such as rubber trees, happiness trees, etc., they need “head”, ie cutting Going to the highest tender head, the length of the shear is two or three cm, and after cutting the ground to disinfection.

5, cold

Because it is still warm and cold, according to the lower limit of the lower limit of different ornamental plant species, it is determined that the potted plants stored on the balcony are in front of the chalk, and they must move into the room to avoid cold, or directly on the plant. Layer plastic shed cold.

6, pest control

The chip insects, white powder, etc., should be wetted in time; the aphids appearing on the basss, can be killed with a smoke (silk).

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