Does Mingyue flowers?

Does Mingyue flowers?

Mingyue blooms in the late winter and early spring, and the flowers can also receive the seed after pollination, and the seeds are similar to sesame, smaller than sesame.

Although Mingyue is a view of the leaves, the flowers are still very beautiful.

Mingyue flowers white, scattered cluster, flowers open five petals, flowers up, with active power.

Mingyue flower maintenance

Multi-meat blossoms are very nutritious, Mingyue is no exception.

The original Mingyue grows in winter is limited by temperature, and the blade is very prone to wrinkles.Plus the flowering in the spring, the blade nutrients are not available, showing the growth and tiredness.At this point, it should be fertilized, water, and ensure the supply of nutrients and moisture.

If you don’t want to collect seeds, you don’t want to watch, you can cut the Mingyu’s floral sword.

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