Does the leaf stream blossom?

Does the leaf stream blossom?

The role of thousands of leaf hangers is mainly to watch. There are a lot of people who raise thousands of hangers in order to view the leaves and hustle, because the leaves of the thousand leaf gland are small, and the plants are beautiful, and there is a good viewing and stereotype. However, some people have been a long time of thousands of leaf hangers, but they don’t have to see the thousand leaf chains bloom. They will even think that the leaf hangers are only long leafs and will not bloom. In fact, the Qianda hangers can be blooming, but the thousand leaf chains are not very common.

Thousand leaf stream blossoms

There are many leafs in the thousands of leaf chains, but they are relatively laid, but the flowers are relatively small. When the Chiba gynin blossoms, in the confidential leaf, you suddenly discovered that I didn’t know how to reach a small fancy, and the small fancy left and right sidedly, I extended a few small claws, the claw tip is a flower bones. . When the flowers are slowly unfold, the small flowers are opened. The flower look is really unsatisfactory, it looks small, light green, no scent, not very eye-catching, but very cute. The flowers of the thousand leaf gland feel the taste of spring.

Thousand leaf chalk flowers

The flowers of the thousand leaf chains are very small, the color is shallow green, no fragrance. The flowers are very small, much more than the leaves, not careful, see can’t see it. Therefore, the flowers of the Chiba Allanca are actually no ornamental value, and is maintenance in household. However, after the flowers can jack the seed, it can also be seeded, but it is not very common.

Chiba gynin flowers picture appreciation

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