Does the Tang print have been dying?

Will it die?

Since it is a legend, then we will confirm that this legendary credibility is a bit!

According to the flowers of the whole process of seeing the Tang print, Tang Yin blossoms will die, this legend is zero.

Because Tang print blossoms, it will only consume a lot of nutrients.And the Tang print is very long until the Tang print mother strains appear malnutrition.Presidential flowers in Tangjing Flower Stem, this seedling is also aggravated.

Tang Yin is the scenery of Jingcai Brazi, which will not die after the meat flowers.

How to maintain in the flower period

Tang print is very long, up to four months!The stalks are very long, the nutrient consumption is large. If you don’t give Tang print, it is really easy to hang!

Flower, pay attention to watering fertilization.After growing the floral sword, you can water in a small amount, keep the pottery micro.Thin fertilizer, guarantee adequate nutrients.

If you don’t like watching flowers, you can cut the floral sword, so you can avoid a lot of Tang printing period, so that Tang print maintains normal growth.

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