Dolphin flower breeding method

Dolphin flower soil selection

Dolphin flowers are afraid of waterlogging. Do not choose sticky soil in the choice of soil. You must choose soils with good breathability and good drainage performance, such as peat 3 in 1; or mixing sand with general culture soil Essence

The moisture requirements of dolphins

Dolphin flower leaves are meaty, and the water content itself is relatively high. Do not water it too frequently. Do not put the tray for the bottom of the basin to avoid the rotten rotten by hypoxia; of course, try not to drought to it. Not good. There are a lot of flower friends that this degree is difficult to master. The friends remember that they would rather do not waterlogging. There were flower buddies in foreign countries tried. The leaves can be restored for a day.

Dolphin flower light requirements

Dolphin flowers like a half -day yin environment. Excessive explosive leaves will make yellow curls. In severe cases, the margin of the leaves will be scorched, so it is better to put the windowsill with a well -ventilated and scattered light. Of course, the soft sunlight in the spring and autumn is also very good. Proper light is conducive to tight plant types, forming flower balls, and excellent ornamental.

Dolphin flower fertilizer requirements

Dolphin flowers do not have high requirements for fertilizer, just chase some fertilizer in one and a half months. Of course, if you slow down the release of fertilizer in the planting substrate, you can be used as a shopkeeper.

Dolphin flower temperature requirements

Because dolphin flowers are native to South Africa, it is very sensitive to low temperature. It is easy to cause freezing damage than 10 ° C in winter. Flowers should pay attention to put the dolphin flowers indoors. Pay attention to high temperature weather in summer, do not expose, do not swelter, pay attention to ventilation.

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