Don’t be too diligent in breeding, the more diligent flowers, the more you die!

Watering every day will die

Don’t water it casually! Don’t water it casually! Don’t water it casually! It is important to say three times. The correct method of watering is not to dry or poured, and pouring through.


1. You can use the toothpick and the wooden stick in front of you. After inserting 2 ~ 3cm in the soil, wait for about 10 minutes to take it out. The toothpick is watered when it is dry.

2. Use the kettle to slowly water the root of the flower. After the small holes at the bottom flow out of the water, stop the watering.

2 Fertilize less

Many flower friends think that the flowers are not good, it is a lack of fertilizer. This cognition is wrong. Generally, flowers with nutrients are used, and fertilization does not need to be very frequent.


1. Fertilizer should be applied thinly, and fertilizer is a better frequency for half a month to 1 month.

2. It is best to choose organic fertilizer, such as chicken manure, bean cake fertilizer, and homemade flower fertilizer for flower buddies.

3. General solid fertilizer can be buried directly at the bottom of the flower pot. As a base fertilizer, the liquid fertilizer can be perflected according to the ratio of 1:50.

3 Don’t move the position casually

In order to let the flowers and plants be exposed to the sun, many flower buds moved the flowers over and moved, basically in the direction of the sun, in fact, it is also not good for flowers and plants ~ because flowers and plants are also adaptable to the environment. Intersection


1. The best place for indoor flowers is the South Bowl and the south window sill. Do not move it casually after selecting the position, especially like camellia. It is a death to keep moving.

2. Secondly, the east and west balconies can be exposed to 3 to 4 hours of sunlight every day. It is more suitable for some short -day plants, such as crab claw orchids, longevity flowers, Yipinhong and so on.

3. If there is only North Balcony at home, you can only choose some yin -resistant plants!

4 Be careful

How can the beautiful flowers not match a beautiful flowerpot? Therefore, some flower buddies buy new flower pots and want to use their flowers, so they change the pot, change the pot, and change the pot!


1. Plants are particularly particular. The best time to change the pot is spring and autumn. This is the growing season of plants. Plants are easier to adapt to the new environment.

2. It is best to combine the roots when changing the pot to trim the old roots, dry roots, and residual roots of the plants. Generally, it is almost about 15cm at the root of the potted plant.

3. The soil of the new potted plant can be mixed with vermiculite, perlite, and cultivation soil according to the ratio of 1: 1: 3. And it is best to fill the base fertilizer on the bottom of the pot.

Take a look at these “diligent things”,

Are you all done?

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