Don’t rain these flowers, be careful of the roots!

1. Flowers in dormant or semi -dormant state

Many flowers will sleep in summer and enter the dormant period. Flowers entering the dormant period are likely to slow down physiological activities, and some even stop physiological activities. It can be said that the flowers at this time are very fragile. Because there are fewer physiological activities, the amount of water is not much. At this time Let the plants pour rainwater, it is likely to cause stagnant water, causing rotten roots and fallen leaves.

Common dormant plants include Violet, Narcissus, Four Seasons Begonia, Clivia and so on.

2. Flowers who are afraid of waterlogging

Human spleen is all kinds of kinds of flowers, and flowers are the same. If there are people who like moist growth, there must be the growth habits that adapt to drought. Be careful not to dizziness. Flowers are likely to cause plants to cause disease once it is rained.

Common drought -tolerant and fearful flowers include cactus flowers, bougainvillea, etc.

Other flowers that are wet but afraid of waterlogging need to pay attention to, common ones are peony, fermery, etc.

Third, branches and leaves sensitive flowers

There are some flowers, which are naturally delicate. The leaves should not touch the water. After touching the water, the leaves or yellow leaves are likely to fall. This kind of flower is particularly sensitive. Daily maintenance needs to be careful not to make the leaves falling water. You need to pay attention when watering, let alone wet the leaves by rain!

Many of these plants have protected fluffy on the leaves, and common ones are African chrysanthemums and large rock tungs.

Dear flower friends, if you have these types of flowers in your home, you must remember to put the flowers into the room when it rains to prevent rain! Careful care, I believe I will see more beautiful flowers!

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