Don’t raise your meat, I am serious!

Don’t raise more meat! Because you will start the abandonment of other flowers after you raise your meat.

In the season of holding all the energetic plants, even the season of spring blossoms, Ning Kenshal is relying on the pot to give the meat, I don’t want to see the beauty of the spring. Professor is lying, and this year did not have seen the peony flower at the door of the house.

Don’t raise more meat! Because you raise more meat, the eyes will become extra very particularller.

It is used to get the jelly colorful flesh and the mighty and strong pile. Your aesthetic eye will raise rapidly, and even the flower pots of meat will make you pick it to pick it up, often there is no pot, or there is a pot. Meat dilemma.

Don’t raise more meat! Because you will escape the hustle and bustle of the city after you raise the meat.

You will be fascinated with your meat to give you a leisure, intoxicated bacon, give you every morning. Even now I have already lived on a high-end commercial housing, I will start missing my hometown, there is a big yard or a balcony, can have a big feet, open up a piece of meat.

Don’t raise more meat! Because you have to raise more meat after you have to learn a lot of expertise.

What black and rot, water, profit, behead, leaf plug … It is not so serious when reading, but now I have to find a mother. How long does it take for a long time, it has become a botanical expert. More tangled is the name of the breed, so many stupid stupids are unclear, you have a miraculous recognition, and the back words are not so serious.

Don’t raise more meat! Because you feel that travel is not necessary after you raise your meat.

Because all the scenery of all attractions, there is no beautiful scenery of their own balconies, and it is better to enjoy the scenery of the people in the people. Does Chairman Mao wrote a word? Wang balcony inside and outside, more meat, flower stand, and lose …

Don’t raise more meat! Because you don’t have to take time to exercise in the gym after you raise your meat.

You will find that you have a healthy body, match the soil, trim, and move the flower pot these live combination, it is not a relaxed thing. Since then, the quality of life is improved, and there are more initial minds.

Don’t raise more meat! Because you will raise more meat, I will regain the virtues of the Chinese nation diligence.

Wearing shoes, abandoned tins, drinking Starbucks coffee cups, etc. can become treasures, become a petroleum planting bacon. You will think about this thing can not be used to plant a succulent, and then do it still don’t throw it …

Don’t raise more meat! Because you can put down your mobile phone away from the Internet after you raise your meat.

I have a little more anxiety, I have a bit of a bit patience, I will be happy because of a leafy seedlings, and will start with your flesh to face, and more meat has become the healthiest and most interested.

Don’t raise more meat! Because you will take your meat after exercise your own shooting skills.

Why is someone else’s meat? You started serious pondering, then, what macro photography, light painting photography, composition ratio, focus setting, color balance, from now on, your friends circle has become a high-grade multi-meat image magazine.

Don’t raise more meat! Because you will get more and bigger after you raise the meat, people will become more and more literate.

Photographers, hand-painted illustrators, flower pot craftsters, plant researchers, etc. Just because I chatted with the road of the meat.

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