Don’t throw the flowers when you dry it! Teach you to save you in minutes


Green Luo cannot be exposed to the sun. If the green spoil is always exposed to the sun, it is easy to be exposed to death.

Rescue method: 1. Check out the overall situation of the green dill and cut off the already sunburned leaves. The leaves of sunburn will no longer be recovered. It is also a waste of nutrition to stay on it. 2. Put the green dill in a cool place in the room. The ventilation must be good. 3, water the green dill, water it, and then wait for it to recover slowly.

Spidering orchid

Schistania likes a cool environment, but many flower buds want to let the Chinoda receive some sunlight, so they moved the sprinkler out. The consequence of this move is that the suspending orchids are exposed, and it looks like it is about to die. Essence

Rescue method: 1. Quickly move the hanging orchid back to the cool and ventilated room, where the sun cannot be exposed! 2. Pour the water from the risks. 3. If the suspending orchids still have not recovered after a few days, you must take the method of shaving. All the leaves of the hanging orchid are cut off, leaving only about 3 ~ 4cm from the surface of about 3 ~ 4cm. 4. Keep the soil moist and still put it in a cool place. About 2 weeks will grow new leaves ~


Wenzhu can’t take too long! Proper light can make the bamboo pots grow better, but if the sunlight is direct for a long time, it will make the bamboo leaves yellow, and the severe will even cause death!

Rescue method: 1. Quickly move Wenzhu out of the light and find a cool and ventilated place to place it. 2. Clean up the yellow leaves of the bamboo, leaving only the obvious leaves. 3. Spray water on the leaves of Wenzhu every noon every day to increase the humidity of the air, and the bamboo can quickly slow down!


Aloe vera is super easy to raise, but many people think that the more the aloe is sunny, the better. In fact, the aloe has been under the strong sun and it is easy to die.

Rescue method: 1. Hurry up the aloe vera in a cool and ventilated place to avoid direct light. 2. Touch the soil in the flower pot. If you dry it, you must quickly water it to avoid the dried aloe. 3. After the watering, the rhythm of wetting and wetness can be kept until aloe aloe reflects its vitality.


When it comes to succulents, I am afraid that everyone’s first thought is tolerance, or it is a place with strong light, but the fleshy loves the light, but it cannot be exposed! Otherwise, you will die!

Rescue method: 1. Quickly move the fleshy place from a strong place to the room, and the ventilation must be good. 2. Put the succulent water at night to pour it through. 3. Polynuts that have been sunburned, you can choose to pull it down. After all, the burned leaves will slowly wither. Dear friends, have you learned?

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