Don’t you want such a fleshy waterfall?

1. Raul

Maintenance method:

Raul likes a warm and ventilated environment. It should be placed on a balcony with sufficient light during maintenance, but avoid scorching sun. Pay attention to “without drying or pouring, watering through”, and avoid stagnant roots. When the weather is cold, the Raul should be moved to the room to avoid frostbite.

2. Buddha beads

Maintenance method:

The beads are suitable for raising the indoor southern balcony or east -west balcony. You need to maintain a dry environment. Do not water it frequently. It is advisable to keep it once a week. The soil is slightly wet. Do not expose to the sun at high temperature.

3. New Jade

Maintenance method:

The new jade likes to like a sunny environment. It is a drought -tolerant plant and needs to grow in a well -drained soil. Pour in the soil when watering, try to avoid sprinkle on the leaves.

4. Million heart

Maintenance method:

Millions of minds are half -yin, and it is advisable to be on the east or west balcony. It is resistant to drought and the soil is not easy to overdo the long -term dampness. Hanging maintenance is more conducive to the growth of the plant, and it should be trimmed appropriately when the branches are messy.

5. Qian Chuanzi

Maintenance method:

Qian Chuanzi should be light and dry environment, it is best to put it on the balcony on the south side. The soil permeability should be maintained during the growth period.

6. Jade Lotus

Maintenance method:

Belly lotus has a low demand for sunshine. It should be kept in the room bright and through the room. Watering less in high temperatures. The plant grows fast in spring and autumn.

7. Lover tears

Maintenance method:

Lover tears are more like a half -yin environment. Pay attention to the dry and dry, the surface soil is white, and then watering. When the climate is dry, spray water to the branches. It can supplement the water and keep the beads green and full.

8. The Man of Love

Maintenance method:

Love is suitable for a mild climate and should be kept in semi -yin environment. Its branches can store a lot of water, do not water it frequently, and keep it 1-2 weeks.

9. Ji Xingmei

Maintenance method:

Ji Xingmei belongs to the full -day plants and needs to be placed on a balcony with sufficient light. Drought resistance, fear of water, water should not be less, it is best to wait until the leaves are a bit withered and then water it. Pay attention to keep the soil dry and breathable.

10. Ji Haoyue

Maintenance method:

Ji Haoyue has strong vitality and is easy to live. It belongs to the full -day plants, but in summer, pay attention to proper shade. The soil needs to be breathable, and the watering should be poured.

11. Zi Xuanyue

Maintenance method:

Zixuanyue is easy to maintain and explodes pots. The soil should not be wet, and avoid drying for a long time. After the leaves are withered, watering and watering, the leaves will soon be full.

12. Jade pearl curtain

Maintenance method:

The jade bead curtain likes warm, dry, and sufficient light. During the growth period, you can apply multi-meat particles to slowly release fertilizer once every 1-2 months. Fertilization must be stopped in winter. Watering should not be frequent, wait until the soil is dry, and pour it once every 2 weeks.

13. Tia

Maintenance method:

Tia is suitable for growing in ventilation and sunshine. The growth period is once once every 1 week, 1 month in summer, and pour the shade in the morning and evening.

14. Zixin

Maintenance method:

Purple heart is happy, dry environment, and must maintain sufficient sunlight during the growth period, suitable for breeding in ventilation environment. Move the room where the temperature is low when the temperature is low. Watering and mastering the principle of drying through and watering should not be frequent.

15. wax peony

Maintenance method:

The wax peony grows in the four seasons, the environment is warm and ventilated, and the high -temperature weather pays attention to shading, and the sun can be exposed to the sun. Watering is dry and poured, avoid stagnant water.

16. Hongzhiyu

Maintenance method:

The jade of the rainbow is well maintained. In spring and autumn, you don’t need to worry about the problem of sunburn. Climate heat need to pay attention to shading. Usually pay attention to ventilation and should not be damp. When the branches have a long phenomenon, beheading can be performed.

17. Gel Lotus

Maintenance method:

The glycol lotus is best to be maintained outdoors, with sufficient light and large temperature difference between day and night, which is conducive to pigmentation, making its color more bright and beautiful. Watering should not be too much, once every 10 days.

18. Baby finger

Maintenance method:

Baby fingers are easier to maintain. Generally speaking, there is sufficient light and appropriate temperature, and it is easy to grow. In daily life, the soil should be kept dry and breathable, and water can be watered once every 7-10 days.

19. Silk reed fairy palm

Maintenance method:

Silk reed fairy palm is very easy to raise, you can burst the pot if you raise it casually. It is best to have a hanging place when maintenance, and keep the light. The light only needs to scatter the light naturally.

20. Bo Xue Wannian Cao

Maintenance method:

Bo Xue Wannian’s grassy and sunny and cool environment. Watering once a week of growth, it is easy to explode. Avoid sunlight and pay attention to shading, making the plant more green and healthy ~

As soon as I entered the “meat pit”, it looks like the sea,

Autumn has come,

Do you want flower friends to want such a succulent waterfall?

As long as you take care of it,

Your cute succulent will become so spectacular ~

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