Douban green common variety


That is, we often say that the watermelon pepper, the plant is between 20 and 25 cm, no obvious stem, the petiole is longer, and is dark red. The blade is inverted or oval, and the length is between 7 and 12 cm.

Jin Gangou Green

Plant is 25 ~ 40 cm, which belongs to the medium and high variety. The stem is fine, the leaves are lancet, the surface is green, with metal gloss. The leaves are white stripes. The vein is red, and the petio is shorter.

Egg leaf

The plant is 30 cm, the stem has wrinkles, the stem base is rumored, the leaves are hard, the ovate heart shape, 5 to 6 cm long, 4 to 5 cm wide, the flowers are long, with red.

Floral flipper green

The leaves have irregular yellow ribbs.


Stems, white spots on the blade, the base blade is a heart shape or shield, and the petiole has a red brown spot.


The plant height is generally no more than 25 cm, the leaves are born, the leaves are dark green heart shape, the leaves are uneven, there are wrinkles, the whole leaf is wavy, the leaves are green, the petiole is longer, the tea is brown, and the spike is yellow.

Pink lady

The leaves are almost covered by milky white slightly red irregular streaks, and only green of the stars are exposed. The leaflets and pedicers are red, and the spike is light pink.

Cranberry Douban Green Grass

The stem is growing, slightly erect. Leaf vast ovals or kidney shaped, about 5 ~ 8 cm long, 2 to 5 cm wide, ripe vanes, white streaks, or leaves of leaves.

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