Dragon Flower Breeding How to Breeding

Dragon Flower’s Water Fertilizer Management

Moving and fertilization for breeding dragon surface flowers is more important.

Watering is generally followed the principle of seeing dry and wet. After the soil is dry, watering is watered, paying attention to grasp a degree. In winter, because the growth of the plants slows down, the watering should be less and keep the soil dry.

For fertilization, it is generally sufficient in the strong period of growth, but if the plants are long, control the fertilizer. Generally, nitrogen fertilizer is applied in the early stage. During the period of anger, some phosphorus and potassium fertilizer are applied to apply some compound fertilizers during the flowering flowering period.

Dragon Flower Tool

When breeding the dragon surface, pay attention to topics, and generally must be topped during the growth period. Through topping, it can promote the multiple branches and the plant type is fuller.

Winter management of dragon flowers

Dragon surface flowers are relatively cold and can resist low temperature in winter, but it is best to pay attention to the preservation measures.

In autumn and winter, enter the room in a timely manner according to the changes in temperature, keep the temperature at a higher level, and pay attention to light, not too weak.

Dragon flower pests and diseases and their prevention and treatment

Sometimes there are some diseases in breeding dragon surface flowers, mainly gray mold and fungal diseases, mainly depending on prevention. When breeding, we must do a good job of dragon surface flowers to avoid diseases. For timely prevention and treatment, you can spray some disinfection sterilizers or some potions for diseases.

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