Drops Guanyin flowering picture

Guanye plant drip Guanyin

Drip water Guanyin

Drip water Guanyin is also called a wolf, Tianguo, Guanyin Lotus, shame, aunt, aunt, it is evergreen for her herb, and has a medicinal value. In the case where the air is humid, the dripping Guanyin will drop it down from the tip of the leaf, so it is called dripping Guanyin in some places.

Dripping Guanyin will not bloom

Drip Guanyin is usually blooming in the winter and spring season, sleeping from November to 5, June, June, June, June, June, June, June, 200 to April.

Drip water Guanyin is a tropical plant, due to the difference in the environment, it does not necessarily flow in the northern region. However, if the temperature and other conditions are relatively appropriate, the dripgate is also blooming. Keep your drip Guanyin, maybe in soon, you will see the miracle of the card.

Drops Guanyin Flowering

Drip water guanyin flowers

In fact, the dripping Guanyin blossoms are not good, and the flowers of the other colors are almost. The Buddha is plus long inflorescence, and there is a bit similar to the horseshoe. Someone describes the milk whitewater white flowers of dripping Guanyin. The flow of the heart of the world is like the voices of the Buddha light emitted by the voyeng, just like Guanyin. After dripping the water, you will live out of the flaming seeds, bright crystals, cute.

Therefore, even if the dripping Guanyin blossoms are not beautiful, there is still its meaningful.

Drip water Guanyin spent sign

In fact, there is no special meaning of dripping Guanyin blossom. However, the flowers of dripping Guanyin were described as Guanyin, just like Guanyin generally exuded a Buddha light, making people feel good fortune. So, dripping Guanyin blossoms, or seeing is a good sign, meaning is good!

Drip water Guanyin flowering picture appreciation

Drip water Guanyin is a tropical plant, growing dense, green onion, and the flowers are so personal. It seems that it is like a mysterious girl with a hood, I really have a feeling of watching the world!

Look, the dripping Guanyin actually bloom, it is really rare. The little flowers are still half covered, don’t think that you hide, I can’t see it.

In fact, if you don’t look carefully, the flowers of Dripping Guanyin are easily ignored. Between a green shallots, the small flowerbed seems to be integrated with green leaves, can you find its trace?

Don’t doubt, this looks ordinary, it is the flowers of dripping Guanyin. In fact, this is a lot of flowers, it is worth amazing.

Poster a pot of dripping Guanyin at home, appreciate the leaves of the green oil. Maybe raise, you will see this difference from the green scene. Let your mood conversion to the color!

A small fruit mission of a bright crystalline is like a red corn? This is the seed of dripping Guanyin. It is very accomplished in seeing the results of dripping. Is there a bright feeling in front of you?

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