Dutch iron breeding method and precautions

Farming soil

Dutch iron potted planting can be used as a cultivating soil. The Netherlands has a strong adaptability, but the soil is not strict, but the soil growth is best to grow with the soil, the water supply is good, and the water soil is mixed with the river soil and the river sand, which can be mixed with the river soil. Holly mixed cultivation.

Farming humidity

The growth season keeps the pot soil, avoiding too much watering, causing water, and makes the roots and stems to rot. In the growth season, there is a need to maintain a certain air humidity. When the temperature is 20 ° C, the humidity is about 50%, and when the temperature is about 30 ° C, the humidity needs to be adjusted to 70% to 70% to maintain a good growth momentum. .

Farming fertilization

It is strong in vitality, and it is not high for fertilizer requirements, and it is expensive to apply 3-2 liquid films per month.

Cultured light

The Dutch iron grows a sunshine, except that the hot summer needs to be properly shade, other seasons can grow under all-day photos.

Farming temperature

Haoyi is also negymed and can adapt to different light environments. However, it should not be too hidden, otherwise the new leaves of the long are often not old and yellow, or causing a long, the leaves are not strong and sag. The Netherlands is general, and the temperature has a wider range of temperature, the best temperature is between 15-30 ° C, and the winter should be maintained at 2 ° C for the most appropriate and cold.

Disease prevention

The Dutch iron is extremely prone to leaf spot disease under high temperature and high humidity conditions. When the toughness, the leaf leaves are dark brownish sputum. When they are severe, they should spread the blades. Timely control, the drug should be used 800-1000 times bacterium .

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