Eight thousand generations of breeding methods

Population point

Eight thousand generations of breeding is more likely, in the growth season cut, the leaves are easy to survive.If you have already cut into a living, you need to pay attention to it.


The eight thousand generations are suitable for the temperature at 15-25 ° C, and the winter temperature is above 3 ° C.Summer temperature is too high, pay attention to ventilation.


Eight thousand generations are a high-spirited plant, and the family planted to give adequate sunshine, placed in a good ventilation.Preferably, in the case of temperature, it is preferably placed outdoors.


Generally, drainage, good ventilation soil, watering can eliminate excess moisture during watering, and change the basin every 2 years, you can trim the roots, remove the old roots of necrosis.

Water fertilization

Watering growth season dried through the water, every 10 days, fertilizing every month, sprinkle with thin fat.


Usually trimmed the diligence, timely cut the dry old leaves, so as not to breed bacteria.The plants appear long or long-term-threatened trim-clad leaf, and the cut portion can be cut to form a new plant.

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