Emperor’s farming method and precautions

Emperor’s farming method


Emperor’s planting soil requires good drainage performance, especially seedlings. If the basin is knot, the seedlings are difficult to grow. The sandstone soil is the best for the emperor. In home breeding, the flower pot also chooses a slightly large gas permeability of the pottery.

Temperature and light

Temperature: Emperor Hua Winter temperature is generally not less than 7 degrees Celsius, summer temperature is preferably 27 degrees Celsius. Individual varieties can resist low temperature, zero casualness will not be frozen.

Light: The emperor Huayi sunshine is sufficient. Can be maintained throughout Japan. But in the summer, it is cool and dry, and it needs to be properly shade when the sun is in the sun.

Water fertilizer management

Watering: Emperor likes the dry environment, watering can be appropriate, do not have to keep the pot soil moist. However, pay attention to the adjustment of the air humidity, can spray the fog around the plants.

Fertilization: The emperor flower is not very high in nutrient requirements, and it can meet the growth requirements in each fertilizer in the spring and autumn.

Breeding method

Sowing: Often in the fall, seeds will be seeded with new high-fat membrane seeds, keep moist after the broadcast, after the seedlings can be wet, slightly dry, wait for 1 to transplantly transplant the basin, place ventilation and light Maintenance.

Cutting: Choosing the emperor’s mother-in-one branches above the semi-wood quality position as a cutting, and retain 4 to 6 leaves. The matrix is ​​mixed with peat and pearl rock, and the pH is 5.5 to 6.5, and the EC value is less than 0.5. The base is immersed in the base of 1000 ppm of indole-3-butyric acid solution, and soaked for 15 minutes. The cutting depth is 1/3 to 1/4 of the length of the cutout. After the cutting, manage it according to conventional techniques, and the field is performed after the seedlings.

Emperor Huajia

How to make emperor

The emperor spent No. 3 in the growth period, can transform plant nutrition growth function into reproductive function, inhibit the crazy of the tabrel, promote the differentiation of flower bud, flowers, more fruit, and promote development. I spray the piti in the young fruit, improve the amount of nutritional delivery. Production of anti-falling flowers, falling fruit, azurcane, and deformity. Make fruits, beautiful, beautiful taste.

Emperor’s flower is common

The emperor needs to prevent disease: leaf spot disease

The emperor needs to prevent pests and diseases: messech, powder

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