Eucommia’s legend

Eucommia’s legend

Eucommia is a herbaceous plant, and it is also a Chinese medicine. The part of Eucommia’s medicine is its bark. It mainly treats symptoms such as weak legs and weakness, knee pain, and unstable fetal qi during pregnancy, and male kidneys. But legend, the origin of Eucommia is a very sad story. Have you heard of it?

In the age of industrial society, all labor life needs manpower to complete. In the area of ​​Dongting Lake, cargo transportation relies on water transportation to operate, which is actually a wooden boat transported trade goods. Therefore, there are many fibrous husbands who lived on the shore to move the goods on the shore. Due to the physical labor of all year round, the fibrous husbands have severe pain in the waist and knees of the body.

Later, a new Xiao Xianfu named Eucommia was very kind. He saw that the old fiber husband was tortured by the pain and was very distressed. He was determined to find a good medicine for them to relieve their pain.

So Eucommiad packed the simple bag on the road. He came to a mountain with a variety of Chinese herbal medicines, and he met a white -haired old pharmacist in a coincidence. He hurriedly asked the whereabouts of the good medicine, but the old pharmacist did not ignore him.

Seeing that the days were getting longer and longer, Eucommiad’s heart gradually became anxious. He once again gathered the courage to find the old medicine weng. Blind the good medicine that can treat waist and knee joint pain. Mr. Eucommiah thanks to the old man like a deeper place in the mountains. When he lamented that the mountain road became more and more difficult to run, he met a coward. The coward advised him to be in danger of the mountain road, and the medicine he wanted was the most dangerous. At the cliff, go home and go home. Eucommiad thanked the coward’s kindness, and finally chose to work hard for the old man.

Eucommia, who was exhausted physically and mentally, accidentally lost his feet and passed out. When he woke up, he found that the long -lasting medicine was seeking for a long time. He quickly collected a pack of full packs to go home. However, he fell into the mountain spring because he was too fatigue and was rushed into Dongting Lake by Dashi. When he was discovered by the fibrous husband, Eucommiad had lost his life, and he held the Chinese medicine tightly in his arms. Essence

In order to express the thoughts of Xiao Xianfu, people named the bark of this plant as Eucommia, and it was still the case to this day.

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