Factors affecting peony flowers


Even in the same area, the temperature is different. Spring is the most vigorous season of peony flowers, and it is also a season with a large temperature change. The temperature of warm spring and cold spring can be very different, so the flowering period will be four to five days. When the temperature changes are quite large, the flowering period is about 20 days. It is also possible.


Water is also a major factor that affects the flowering of peony. Paeonia lactiflora is wet, and the lack of water will delay flowering.


If it rains appropriately before flowering, the flower of peony will be very beautiful, the flowers are huge, and the colors will be very gorgeous. However, if it is too much rainfall, it will cause the peony flowering period to shorten, the color is not gorgeous or even blossom.


The impact of altitude on the flowering of peony is mainly expressed by the differences in temperature and humidity. Different altitude, the temperature and humidity of the air are different, so the flowers and flowers will be different.


Almost all plants grow without light, as well as natural peony. Paeonia Xiyang, growing in a sunny place, the flowers blooming are much brighter and beautiful than those in the cool place.

Planting season

In spring, it will not bloom in general, because the injured meat root cannot be recovered immediately; the peony planted in autumn, the injured meat root has enough time healing, and generally bloom in the next spring.

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