Fairy Cup breeding method and precautions

Method of the Fairy Cup


The fairy cup likes a mild sunshine environment and is particularly sensitive to high temperature weather. Therefore, it is necessary to shade properly in summer. High -temperature weather enhances ventilation, while reducing watering or broken water. On the other hand, it is necessary to ensure its sufficient sunlight so that the leaf color of the fairy cup will be gorgeous, and the plant type can be more compact and beautiful. If there is too little sunshine, the leaf color will become lighter, and the leaves are arranged loose, which will seriously reduce its ornamental value.


The summer fairy cup enters the dormant period. At this time, it should be less water or not to give water, because it is easy to cause rotten roots under high temperature. After September, the temperature began to decline, and watering can be slowly restored. If the temperature is above 0 ° C in winter, it can be given water normally, otherwise it needs to be broken to avoid frostbite and rotten roots. Although the winter is cold, it does not mean that there is no a little water in the winter. You can choose to give a little water slightly at noon at noon. Causes plants to rot. After the temperature rises, it can gradually return to normal water.

Pot soil

The soil of the Fairy Cup is suitable for the custard rivers and sand of mixed granules of peat, which is mainly breathable.

Breeding method

The breeding of the fairy cup can be sowed and beheaded, or the side buds can be cut to cut.

Precautions for breeding of the fairy cup

The fairy cup is a large plant. According to its growth status, it should be changed once every 1-2 years. The size of the basin diameter is generally 1-2 inches larger than the plant diameter, which is conducive to promoting plant growth.

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