Falling flowers dance breeding methods and precautions

Falling flowers


In the first summer, choose robust, enriched stem festival, cut down 1 ~ 2, dry in the cool place, insert the sand bed, rooted after 2 weeks later.


In the middle of the spring or fall, grafting is grafted in an embedder, 15 days can be more synthesis. You can use the triangular arrow, the stem festival, the cactus, the grafting, grafting, the advantage of grafting is not only good, flowering, and the shape is beautiful.

Nursing method of falling flowers

Exchange pot

The basin is changed every two years, and when you change the pot, you will cut too long or completely branches. The pot usually uses 12 ~ 15 cm basins, and the basket is selected from 15 to 20 cm, and 3 to 5 plants per basin.


Watering once a week in Spring and Autumn Festival, keeping soil moist. Summer is properly shade, winter keeps the soil moderate moist, the number of specific waterings is based on the high level of room temperature.


Flowering to ensure sufficient light, try to move as little as possible to avoid breaking the stem.

Precautions for breeding falling flowers

If the flow of flowers, the soil choice is incorrect, the leaves are easy to loose;

The plants after the fall of the falling flowers will be more fat and fresh than the mother strains, and if the mother plant does not flow, the mother strain can be cut into cutting conservation.

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