Family curing method of Guaqua


It can be used in a seeded mode, from 7 to 8 months, a temperature of 20-25 ° C, approximately 10-20 days, slowly budging, then carrying the pot.


It can be used in a general humorite, and the mud is incorporated into a small amount of sand and a little basic fertilizer.


Preventing the temperature during hot period, try to control at 10-20 ° C, which can survive at 1 ° C at room temperature, and take appropriate cooling measures when flowering, and can extend the time of flowering.


The growth of the full sun, moisturizing and holding, seeing flowers can be put in the room, do not guarantee the other three orientations other than the North window, and the plants are constantly replaced, so that they grow evenly.


Let the soil have a slight wet feeling, should be in one time, pay attention to usual drainage, high temperature weather pay attention to the supply of water.


When you grow at a growth period, you can apply a diluted fertilizer, which should avoid the fertilizer to touch the leaves, and then spray the new high fat film. Plants in the flower bud can be blossomed to flow, let the flower buds are healthy, the flowers are more beautiful, please do not fertilize in the flower period.


Plants are vulnerable to red spiders and aphids, so we must control environmental conditions, discover the disease as soon as possible and remove the diseased branches, or spray a little pesticide. If the disease is heavy, it can be focused on the back of the leaf and the top of the melum, and the dilution of the dilution of the squat, in addition, other parts also spray.


The common insect disease in Guardia is a aphid and a red spider, which is more serious for aphids and red spiders, and can be killed by 2000 times. Because the red spider typically occurs on the back of the blade, the aphids typically occur at the top of the melum, and the blade is in the top of the blade and the top of the blade, and the blade is also appropriately sprayed.

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