Family farming method and precautions for spending moon night

Family farming method for spending month

Light demand for the moonlight

The moon night needs to accept sufficient sunshine leafy leaves will be gorgeous, and the plants will be more beautiful.

There is too little sunshine, the leaves are shallow, and the blade is arranged.

When the flowers were young, they were very beautiful, and the light, the leaves were very short, and the large leaves were difficult to control, and it is easy to grow long. It is the same every day.

Water fertilizer management skills in the night

Watering: Watering 1 time per week, the potter should not be wet; 2 to 3 weeks in winter will be dried in the basin. In maintenance, if the indoor air is dry, it is necessary to spray in time to increase the air humidity.

Be careful not to sprinkle water directly to the leaves, so as not to make the leaves of water.

Fertilization: Fertilization once a month, use diluted cake water or more meat special fertilizer, pay attention to the fertilization to the leaves, and damage the leaves.

Flower night

The temperature of the flowers is 5-28 ° C. The low temperature of -5 ° C-5 ° C in winter will be frozen, and the water cannot be watered in low temperature.

The plant grows slowly or completely when the summer is high in summer, and it needs to be properly shade and ventilated.

Breeding method of the moonlight

Sowing: Select mature and full seed seeding, the control temperature can be germinated after 2 to 3 weeks.

Cutting: Cut the ripe blade in the spring, inserted in the sand bed, rooted after 3 weeks, and planted the top of the rampage. Of course, the ceiling cutting can be used, and the stem of the plants in the center of the plant is cut, leaving the base leaf plate, which can germinate more sub-strains.

Flower moon night care precautions

Avoid sun rain

The night is in the summer, in the summer, growing slowly or stopped, and we must control the water, to avoid exposure to prevent burns,

The rainy season is coming, to avoid rain, leaf plexus water can cause the plant stem stick to rot!

Flower moon night

In the high temperature and more humid environment, the flowers of the moonlight, the roots appear, once found, immediately use the bactericide potten root, if the insects were serious, directly turned the basin re-planting.

Flower night flower

The moon night flowers will consume nutrients, leading to insufficient supply of rice blades, need proper fertility. I don’t want to watch a friend of the flowers and night, I can cut out the sword.

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