Family flower arrangement method

The aisle of the room requires a straight flower arrangement

At the entrance of the room or on the aisle, because it is relatively narrow, you should choose a straight flower when choosing a flower arrangement, which requires simple, neat, and cheerful colors. Pay attention not to be too big when choosing flower arrangement.

Recommended flowers: horseshoe. When flower arrangement, you can choose a white vase of the rectangular body and insert 6-7 horseshoe lotus in it.

The living room coffee table requires conical flower arrangement

The flower arrangement placed in the living room can be appropriately larger and put it on a large countertop. The effect will be good. Some furniture in the living room, such as coffee tables, cabinets, etc., can choose small, cone -like flower arrangement.

Recommended flowers: little daisy. When flower arrangement, you can choose a small container, cone -like, and then fill the small daisy. Can give people a full feeling.

The bedroom needs to be concise and non -fragrant flower arrangement

The bedroom is a very important place for people and needs to be quiet, so when you arrange flower arrangement, be careful not to have too much. The flower material is best without fragrance.

Recommended flowers: African chrysanthemum. When flower arrangement, choose a transparent vase, and then prepare a few African chrysanthemums to insert it into the vase.

The dining table requires bright flowers

At the table, you can also put flowers. At this time, you need to choose a more colorful flower, and the flower arrangement is highly ornamental.

Recommended flowers: Tulip. When placing flower arrangements, be careful not to be too tall, it will block the realization of diners. Generally, you choose a fruit basin, put on a tulip, and cover the whole ball with flower mud.

The study needs small flower arrangement

The study is a very common place where flower arrangement is placed. Generally, some elegant small flower arrangement is placed.

Recommended flowers: bamboo, 文, Huwei orchid, etc.

Bathroom or kitchen requires leaf -seeing plant flower arrangement

In the bathroom and kitchen, some flowers can also be placed, which is generally more suitable for leaf watching plants.

Recommended flowers: water lilies. Find a suitable vase, insert the water lilies, you can make some shapes.

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