Family flower, living room, “three taboos”

1, avoid more flowers that exude strong fragrance and irritating odor

Such as orchids, roses, roses, lily, night, etc., can have a rich aroma. One pot is in the room, the fragrance is overflowing, but if the in-room flowers are excessive, the fragrance is strong, it will cause the human nerve to be excited, especially if people have long time in the bedroom, will cause insomnia. Christmas flowers, thousands of vast gases are unfavorable; tulips, the microparticles exudated from the elliptic ball has been allergic, and the skin will allergies.

2, avoid too much quantity

Most flowers in the night release carbon dioxide, absorb oxygen, and “struggle”. Most of the night room is closed, the air is not circulating in the outside world. If there is too much floral in the room, it will reduce the concentration of oxygen in the night, affecting the quality of night sleep, such as chest tightness, frequent dreams.

3, taboo chamber to place toxic flowers

Such as the bamboo peach, in spring, summer, autumn, the stems, leaves, even the flowers are poisonous, it secreted milky white juice contains a bamboo laundry, diet will be poisoned; daffodilized blessings contain latin toxin, if After the child will die, it will cause vomiting and other symptoms. The juice of leaves and flowers make the skin red and swollen. If the juice is misunderstood, it will cause the eye to be injured; the mimosa is too easy to cause eyebrows, hair loss, causing hair falling off, etc. .

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