Family maintenance management of bamboo peach


The bamboo peach is warm and humid and humid climate, slightly cold, can open in the warm area. Family potted in Beijing can put the branches to put the back to the sun, otherwise it is easy to freeze. The smaller plants are moved into indoor maintenance before the cream, and then move to outdoor for routine management in April. In the south of the Yangtze River, it can open the winter.


The bamboo peach likes a sufficient daylight, and it is slightly negative. During cultivating and breeding, it should be guaranteed for no less than 6 hours a day. In the home conservation, it is placed in the place where the windowsill or balcony and other sunlight.


Watering is appropriate to manage the key to the naked bamboo. Improper water in winter, will cause fallen leaves, fall flowers, and even death. Spring is poured once a day, and the summer is placed once every morning and evening, so that the water is less than about 50%. The leaves should be sprayed frequently. Over dry, easy to leave leaves, wither. Waters can be water, but the water can be maintained around 40%. The leaves should be used to flush the dust.


It should be maintained with an organic turf fertilizer of about 20% of the pot soil. If used for chicken manure, there are 15% foot. Fertilization time: once before, the autumn is one after another.

Method: The loop groove is excavated in the basin, and the fertilizer is applied. After the Qingming Fertilizers, the water-saving bean cake water is applied every ten days; after the autumn fertilization, apply a bean water or peanut pie, or ten chicken, or ten chicken. Without the above fertilizer, it can be added five to seven times with a human urine above the decodes, and then poured down along the basin and then poured water. With a nitrogen-containing fertilizer, the principle is thin, light, less, diligent, and strictly prevent the root.

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