Farmethin breeding method and precautions

Big sterin’s farming method

Temperature and light

Suitable temperature between the growth of large snow is between 15 to 28 ° C, winter temperature is not less than 0 ° C, it is generally able to enjoy the winter, and the summer is 30 ° C, you need to pay attention to heat-saving cooling, the maximum temperature should not be higher than 35 ° C.

The growth environment between the big snowin is more concealed, so the big snow mesin is not high, and it is more junky. It is slightly weak in the growth period. Light, the shiny of the blade is better.

Humidity requirements

The humidity requirements of large snowins are mainly referred to in two aspects, air humidity and potential humidity.

Big Snowins are similar to the humidity requirements of the potting soil and other rocks, require “wet main, and is appropriately biased”.

Big Snowins are high than the air humidity than other rosents, maintained at 60% to 80%. But it still needs a better ventilation environment, pay special attention to the contradiction when cultivating big snow, is to create conditions to increase air humidity, and also strengthen the ventilation of the cultivation environment.

Soil requirements

Big Snow is native in rucomatic loam, and the soil usually use a rich soil in the soil in planting big snow. The soil should be rich in riculous, incorporated into some of the organic matter such as bark leaves, which should be not less than 30% of these organic matter.


The big snow is relatively happy, and it will be fertilized in the growth in the prosperous period. If soil fertile can reduce fertilization, some foliaries are applied. It is not possible to use plant fertilizers directly to be fermented.

Pay attention to thin fat.

Snowser farming precautions

Breeding method

Big sackin is propagated in the manner of frangage.

Other considerations

The growth of big snow is to follow its natural law, and it cannot be very eager to be very good.

Keep the humidity of the air and pay attention to the humidity of the pot soil.

The growth environment of big snow is more and more humidity, pay attention to daily insecticidal sterilization, prevent pests and pegs.

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