Farming method of mirror grass

Farming method of mirror grass


The potted soil can be used in rucomine soil, and there is a cultivating soil that is mixed with a small river sand, a furnace, and bone powder. It is good to make the soil and fertilizer, the drainage is good and the riculous sand is good.

Family cultivation can be used in 3 parts of rot to be 2 + garden soil + river sand or furnace 2 parts + rot to formulate 1 mixture of compact organic fertilizers. There must be a good rusted soil in a drainage, and use the tile pad in the bottom of the tile.


The mirror grass is a poor plant, but it is highly photosyed, and it is not a strong illumination, which is suitable for scattering light.

The light is too strong or too shaded. The blade is bright and easy to disappear. When it is too shaded, the blade is easily thinned, and the leaf handle is long and caused by the blade. When the temperature is low in winter, full-time maintenance can be given.


Suitable growth temperatures are between 15-20 ° C, and the wintering should be maintained above 7 ° C, otherwise it will be easy to decline, even frozen. When the summer is higher than 30 ° C or above, the growth is stagnant, and the blade is easy to fall off.

It is important to note that the sudden drop in temperature will cause the leaf strain color change, and partially fall off. If the frozen leaves are fritted, if the stem does not damage, it can be managed according to the regular veins, and the spring can also be released in the spring. Don’t put it in a strong sun in the summer.


The mirror grass is afraid of wet, can keep the pot soil, the dryness is prone to sag, and the serious leaves have wrinkles or yellowish, death. The number of watering is controlled when the temperature is below 12 ° C, otherwise it is easy to rot, not conducive to winter.

During the entire growth period, the pot is maintained maintained, and the winter is relatively biased, but there is no drying phenomenon, otherwise the blade is easy and black, and the arid season is often sprayed from the leaves and four weeks, causing a wet small environment.


Mirror grass stems, meat, unstoppable abundance and large fat, should be carried out in a small amount, water is watered with thin fertilizers.

Reproductive way

The breeding method of strains and cuttings is often used in mirror grass home maintenance. In Yunnan, seed seeding can also be propagated.

Mirror grass homework precautions

Mirror grass common pests

Mirror grass often see the pests: messech, blow

Frequent diseases of mirror grass: anthrax, leaf spot

How can the mirror grass safety

Summer is humid, try to apply or do not apply nitrogen fertilizer, avoid causing plant rotten or even death.

In summer, the light is strong, avoiding the sun, should be sunshable.

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