Farming methods and precautions

Farm’s breeding method


The appropriate growth temperature of the octolatear is 15 ° C -28 ° C. It can breathe at 0 ° C for a short time. At night temperature, the temperature cannot be less than 12 ° C, and if the temperature is less than 5 ° C, the octolate leaf will become a lotus seat. Shape, and cannot bloom, the summer temperature is reduced during the flowering time of the octavent infarction.


Yangqua is like a humid environment, but too much water will damage the roots of octave, it is easy to sick, and too little moisture will latenate the growth of the plant, and the flowers are in advance.

Therefore, watering should be appropriate and cannot be overwater.


Yangqua is like a warm environment, and long-term light helps to grow in stem and leaves, so it is best to maintain 16 hours per day.


Yangquasi likes fertiless, good drainage, preferably uses improved gardens to add grass, rice bran and small amounts of lime.

Precautions for planting infarction

Drip water water

Yangquan is very strict, too much water branch damage the roots, which will cause stem and leaves to grow weak, so it is best to use drip irrigation watering measures, which is most advantageous to the growth of plantattar.

Basin soil should be disinfected

If you want to plant octave, then the matrix is ​​used to treat high temperature steam or methanol of methanol for disinfecting, and the acid and alkaline of the soil is preferably maintained at 6.5-7.0.

Avoid high temperature and high humidity

After the flower bud is formed, it is necessary to avoid high temperature and high humidity, otherwise it is easy to cause disease.

Control fertilization

Before planting the oceana, it is necessary to join her soil, bone powder, etc. as a base fertilizer, because the demand for the fertilizer is relatively large, so it is necessary to topose in time during the growth process.

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