February is varied, cyclic fat is very psychic

Colors from white to purple

It is understood that in my country has 4 varieties in China, which is the original kind of Zhuge cuisine, lack of Zhuge cuisine, Mao Zigua cuisine, Hubei Zhuge. (The picture is arranged in order)

In fact, the most common in Feilaium is purple blue flowers, but because the difference in growth environments causing a different color. In the blue-violet flower sea, it is the most eye-catching, but also hidden some dark blue purple, purple, red flowers.

Some white in February is white from the flower to the flowers, but some of the second month of the blue, the medium will slowly become blue and purple, some flowers may bloom in the middle of the white flowers. Blue-purple flowers showed as white purple.

Flower lime fat

In addition to the color, the petals after the variation is slightly different. Some petals are wide, some are slim; the petals have fat differences in the petals of the petals, while some petals are curved; some petals are smooth, while the margins will grow a lot of zigzag.

Leaves fascinating, hard to gene in

In addition to flowers, the leaves will also have obvious changes, sometimes it will find that the blades of the entire plant or multiple branches will have different numbers of light yellow or milky white spots, not the kind of pest, it looks very beautiful.

Xiaobian is here to remind you that if there is such a variant in February, it is easy to cherish it, because the mid-the-second months do not have hereditary, only once, lightly take pictures, and maintain it.

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