Finance Method and Precautions for Golden Bench

Water fertilizer requirements

Potted plants often use the mixed soil of rough sand and fertilization each month.

Increase the amount of water in summer to keep the leaves are gentle and tender, and it is slightly shade. After entering the autumn, the agave growing slowly, should control watering, strive to dry, stop fertilization, and make it properly. If the potted plants are rewarded, it is necessary to remove the side of the buds in time, keep the plasticity.

Temperature requirements

It is more drought and barren, avoiding cold, cold and cold, and the growth temperature is 22-30 ° C.

In addition to the tropical, subtropical region, potted in other regions, in winter, put in the low temperature greenhouse to protect the winter, the coming year is clear, it is necessary to sunside in the summer.

Illumination requirements

Take a slightly closer when you have a bright day, when you are in the sun, it is slightly shaking. Otherwise, the sun will slowly disappear the value of the view.

Breeding method

Basket: When there is a pot in early Spring, it is carried out, and the mother strain is processed, and the budding next to the mother is planted separately.

Sowing: Through the same pollination, it can be strengthened. After the seed, it is sowing in 4 – May. After about 2 weeks, the seedling grows slowly. It has grown rapidly after the seedling, and the old plants in 10 years can be blossomed.


With the growth of the new leaves, the lower leaves will slowly wither, this is normal metabolism, and the old leaves of the lower microquakers are to be repaired. If you find a large amount of deciduous leaves, clean it in time to avoid breeding bacteria.

Family potting plants are beautiful, after the side buds are long, they should be cut off in time, so as to avoid branch, the strain is messy.

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