Fishing Zhongliu common variety

Mao Yellow fishing

Mao Yellow Fishing Clini Form Characteristics

Overnritation herbs, strains height 60cm, all strains were fluffed, stems straight. After autumn, the base of the garden is turned red, and the gardening variety ‘husker red’, the red leaves are more obvious, and even the upper leaves are also red green.

Fishing bell, leaf interactive pair, no handle, ovate to lanceolate. Flower monochrome or 3-4 born on above the leaf axis, there is irregular total or white, powder, blue violet.

Mao Yellow fishing bell lesion habits

Happy sun, air moist and a well ventilated environment, avoid hot drought, cold resistance, is not strict, but the soil requirements are not strict, but must be drained well, with stone gray sand-containing soil.

Electric light flower fishing

Electric lanter fishing bell form

The mysterious cucumber is the fascinating. Original Mexico, Kansas and Texas, USA. I have evergreen herbs for many years. It is about 70 cm high. The leaves are aligned, the leaves are elliptical to ovate, 7 to 12 cm long. Flower is 1 to 1.5 meters, flowers are mostly white. Flowers from 4 to June.

Electric light fishing bell willow growth habits

Happy sunlight, warm, moist and well-ventilated environment. Require soil loose, fertile, smooth drainage. Watering in the growth period. Pay attention to trimming, fertilize.

Safflower fishing bell willow

Red flower fishing clock form characteristics

The mysterious branch of the fishing bell will willus, and the herbs, the plant is up to 90cm. Single leaf, lifetime or base, lanceolate, linear, full edge, smooth or hair. The total amount is blur, bright red, small flower length 2.5cm; flower crown liprosis, lower lips are fond of hair; upper lips are protruding; 5 stamens, 1 pistil; flower period, capsule autumn mature. There are pink and safflower cultivation varieties.

Red flower fishing bell willow growth habits

The sex is warm, drought, and the highlight is also half-yin, which requires good drainage, and it is best to grow on the soil of the stone gray.

Multicolored fishing clock

Multicolored fishing

Scrophulariae Fishing Zhongliu Plant, original US Wyoming to Mexico. I have evergreen herbs, 15 to 45 cm high, and the whole straw hair. Ye Cong Lotus seat, blade slightly meat, poured pocket shaped, about 7.5 cm long. The color is very rich, spent from 4 to May.

Multicolored fishing luminous habits

Well warm, good light, and a ventilated environment. Avoid summer high temperature, drought. Suitable for flowers in garden greening, flower or green island.

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