Five-color Mei’s breeding method and precautions

Five-color plum breeding method


The five-color meme is adaptable, and the soil requirements are not strict, sandy soil, sticky soil, acid soil or calcium soil can grow, with fertile, loose sandy soil growth is best.

Water fertilizer management

Watering: five-color Mei wet environment, the growth period keeps the pot soil, avoiding excess drying, and paying attention to the leaves to increase the air humidity.

Fertilization: The five-color flower period is longer, spring, summer, autumn three seasons need to be topdd 2-3 times, it is necessary to topose in time. Ette the thin fertilizer mainly phosphorus potassium per 15 days to provide sufficient nutrients, while watering, making plants. It is sprayed twice a 3% urea every 10 days, which allows the blade to be thick and green. After the room is entered in the winter, you should stop fertilization.

Light: Five-color Mei Sunshine Environment, the growth season can be maintained at the outdoor to the Yang, even if you are not having to face, but require ventilation. If the light is insufficient, it will cause the plant to grow, the stranches are thin and long, and the flowering is rare, and the view is seriously affected.

Temperature: Five-color Mei native tropical area, after the cultivation of other climate zones, it is found that the temperature is not less than 8 degrees Celsius in winter. The growth temperature is 8-30 degrees Celsius.

Breeding method

Five-color Mei can breed seedlings in a seedling, cutting, and compact strip, which is mainly based on cutting breeding.

Five-color Meijia Yang Precision

Five-color plum toxic

Although the five-color Mei can be used, it is poisonous, the internal service has a react to dizziness, nausea, vomiting, etc., must master the amount and prevent adverse reactions. Pregnant women and body are taboo.

Five color plums

The branches of the five-color plum volatilizes the sensitive smell of mosquitoes in the flowers, with strong expelter mosquito fifting effects, and odor does not harm to the human body.

It not only evigates the mosquito flies, but also the colorful color, there is a reputation of “mosquito repellent seven flowers”, with the dual role of deport mosquitoes and beautify the garden.

Five-color plum should pay attention to pruning

The five-color Mei is the same as the triangle, and it needs to be trimmed to keep the plants and keep flowering. Five-color plum is resistant to, to make it a round of beautiful crown, you need to take care of your heart. When the seedlings are high to about 10 cm high, they have picked them from the base branches from the base, retain 3 ~ 5 branches as the main branches, wait for the main branches to a certain length, and make the main branches grow equal.

Five-color Mei common pests

Five-color Mei common pests: leaf splicer

Five-color Mei common disease: gray mold

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