Five-color plum four seasons maintenance method

Spring maintenance method

Potted five-color Mei spring, you should go to the football before going out, it should be adequately printed, and the branches are properly trimmed, such as small seedlings, to top, to promote the branch. For the plants after forming, pay attention to the removal of weak branches, the disease, and appropriately perform short sections to maintain a good tree, promote more new tips.

After the results of the flowering, there was no strain of seeds, and the spring should pick up the residual flower to facilitate the following leaves. Cut the dead branches, trimmed the shaping, so that the new branches are beautiful, and the spring germination is more likely to shape.

Summer curing method

Five-color Mei native tropical America, my country has a small number of wild. Happy and moist and sunshine environment, not cold. The production of good bonsai spring to autumn can be placed in the outdoor to maintain, even if they are not necessarily shaded, they are required to ventilate. If the light is insufficient, it will cause the plant to grow, the stranches are thin and long, and the flowering is rare, and the view is seriously affected.

The growth period is maintained in the pot soil, avoiding excess drying, and paying attention to the leaves of the leaves to increase air humidity; apply a thin fertilizer based on phosphorus every 15 days to provide sufficient nutrients to make plants.

Autumn maintenance method

The five-color Mei autumn is the most fascinating, to keep sufficient sunlight, the color of the flowers can enrich, bright and bright, the blades can also carry out full photosynthesis, accompanying the bright flowers.

It is necessary to pay attention to keep the pot soil moist and avoid drying. If there is a dry situation, the flowers are easy, and the new flower buds are not easy to bloom, affecting the flowers.

Winter conservation skills

In the winter, the indoor direction of the indoor, and if it can maintain room temperature above 15 ° C, the plants can grow normally, flowering, should properly water, fertilize and trim. If you keep such a high temperature, the water is watered, stop fertilization, so that the plant is dormant, and the winter is safe and higher than 8 ° C.

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