Five-color plum, Jiangxi La, Triangle

Five color plum

The flower period of the five-color plum is in May to October. The moisture is sufficient to follow, if it is reasonable, it can flow.

The five-color Mei is stranded by a short hair and has a strong smell. Leaves, ovate or heart shaped. In the warm water of Jiangnan, it can flow all year round. It has a small flower, less than 1 cm in diameter, but has a large number of small flowers, forming a head, with a diameter of 4 to 5 cm. The order is more intensive. Coronberet, 4 stamens. There are more varieties in Macquas, which is more common in yellow, red, orange, purple, white. Some varieties are mixed with orange and red during the flowering period. As the place, it was the most widely used in yellow flowers and purple varieties.

Jiangxi Floral Period

The flower of Jiangxi is in June-October. Jiangxi Raise is also called aster, July Ju, Jiang Zara, etc., is a herbaceous plant with a stem.

Leaf whole, ovate to triangle ovoid. Central leaf ovate or spoon shape, with irregular coarse blunt saw teeth, head flower monochrome, 3-15 cm in diameter. Total sepals, sepals. Circular tongue flower, rich color, yellow card with yellow. Flowers from January to October, the flowering period of autumn broadcasting in the temperate area of ​​May to June. Skinny waters, light brown, and thousands of seeds weight 1.74 grams.

Triangular plum

The flower period of the triangle is in June-October. Trimming, flowering, very beautiful.

The top of the flower, the flowers are very thin, small, yellow green, often three clusters are born in three larger sepals, pedications and pills, there is no obvious petals, small flowers are small funnels, it is Being a protected flower, there are seven, eight stamens and a pistil, although there are fewer sections, but most of them will not be out.

The flower is obvious, the sepalum is circular, for the main ornamental part, the color is bright red, orange, purple, milky white, etc. It can be divided into varieties such as single flaps, heavy flaps, and spots.

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