Five common stems, stems are highlights!

Golden finger

The stems of this plant are fleshy and look like our human fingers. The whole body of the plant has some soft golden spines. It means a strong vitality that brings us strength and slowly confident. In spring, there are some light yellow flowers with bell -shaped shapes.


This is a kind of glaring plant that is usually very common. It belongs to a cluster of fleshy shrub and often grows in deserts and other areas. It belongs to a succulent plant. It is a bit of a wider egg shape on it. It prefers the light and warm environment. It is more heat -resistant, drought -resistant and not afraid of the soil is too barren.


There is also a more beautiful name of the keel, which is a succulent plant that belongs to the family of Euphorbia. The shape looks similar to the fairy palm, but the keel grows taller and can reach two or three meters. The stems of the plants have long spots.

Bottle orchid

A small shrub belonging to the evergreen family of evergreen, the plant is also very high, and the potted plants can be shorter between half a meter and one meter. Its stems are more upright. You can see the leaves at the stem and often decorate with love.

Buddhist belly bamboo

This is a clustered bamboo plant. The bamboo pole slowly becomes green from a young age. Buddha belly bamboo is particularly high. It is usually between 7 and 10 meters. It can not only cultivate or view, but also process some rural crafts and instruments, such as bamboo carving and fan.

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