Five common ways of cutting breeding

Plants’ stems and breeding

Top bud

The top bud insertion is mostly cuttings adopted by herbal plants. It is mainly cutting cuttings with top buds from the plant for cuttings. This method is easier to have long roots, and the time is the shortest.


The tender branch cutting refers to cuttings from the plant that has been taken down from the plant. This method of cutting is also relatively simple, but it is easy to be affected by the environment, especially when the humidity is not enough, which will cause cuttings to fail.

Semi -hard branches cuttings

Semi -hard cuttings refer to the chosen on the plant or the branch of the year when cutting, but the branches are required to mature and the epidermis begins to be lone. Semi -hard cuttings are easier to survive, because the cuttings itself are sufficient.

Hard branches

Hard branches are mostly adopted by the reproduction of wooden plants. Generally, they choose to develop completely mature branches for cuttings. It can be performed in winter and spring or when the plant is dormant, and cut 15-30cm.

Plants’ leaves and breeding

Full leaf insertion

Full leaves refer to using a whole leaf for leaf insertion when cutting.

Leaf insertion

The leaf insertion refers to cutting the leaves with complete leaves into several pieces, and each piece can grow uncertain buds. This can get more small seedlings.

Leaf bud plug

The leaf bud insension means that when the leaves are cut, there must be a bud at the base of the leaves, which will be more likely to emit uncertain buds. Suitable for plants that are not easy to grow in leaf insertion.

Plant root insertion reproduction

Root insertion reproduction This refers to the use of roots to make cuttings for cuttings when breeding. It is mainly to ensure that the plant grows new buds and branches.

Cuttings of plants

Scale cuttings are a cuttings method adopted by the root of the ball, mainly to use the scales on the perverted stems on the plant as the scion, which is similar to the leaf insertion. Generally, small ball stems or small plants grow on the scales.

Plant buds and breeding

Bud insertion mainly refers to cutting cuttings on the plant on the plant. The axillary buds refer to the buds that grow on the leaves of the plant, and the crown buds are the buds of the top of the plant. Bud in the leaf axillary.

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