Five kinds of flowers suitable for planted planting


I don’t know if you have seen the “Golden Fan Family”. The scenes of the male and female protagonists lying in hand in the sunflower sea sea are really deep.

The golden flower sea, a pair of lovers, blue sky and white clouds, the yellow dog who has been chasing bees wildly, showing warmth and vitality everywhere. I can’t help but relax all nerves.


If you talk about Huahai, I believe that the first picture presented in the minds of many friends is the vast lavender, which continuously extends from the eyes to the sky.

Lavender symbolizes mysterious love. If you have the opportunity, you may wish to take your heart to love people and get it to bring its style. I believe that it will collide with a sweeter spark.


The film’s Yu Meiren swayed frequently in the light wind, and the pose of the best of the capital was exciting every time the capital, and the sunset was more charming.

He was in Yu Meiren’s sea of ​​sea, and with a faint sadness, people couldn’t help sighing that the world was beautiful.


Many people do not know that rapeseeds have another poetic name, called Yun Yan. It is mainly distributed in Jiangxi Province in my country, especially the rapeseed places in Wuyuan area, and it has become a world -class photography landscape base. It can be seen that the magnificent rapeseed and sea of ​​rapeseed and the sea of ​​rapeseed. The sense of comfort of the other is a sense of physical and mental, and feels the beauty of nature.

Shizhi Sakura

Zhiba’s adaptability is very strong and covered with high coverage. It is a very good plant. The viewing value of the film group is extremely high. I do n’t know if you have seen the Japanese old man planted a blockbuster Sakura in order to let his blind wife pick up the courage to survive. Make many people to watch before, and make his wife feel happy.

The colored little flowers gathered together, like wearing a colorful phoenix clothing for the earth, making people feel happy and warm.

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