Five-Tenzui’s farming method and precaution


Fifty Suzuyu likes light, but it can’t be sunk in the sun.

Autumn – Winter – Spring is a growth season, putting the fifty-ring jade on the balcony towards the south, ensuring that the daily illumination time is 3 ~ 4 hours, and other time should ensure sufficient scattering light. This avoids the blade being burned, and the fifty bell jade is compact, and it is tender and seductive.

In the summer, the fifty bell jade is placed in the east or north, keeping a good ventilation, avoiding the plants in a high temperature environment. Especially in the northern region, summer is the most sad, when you put it outdoors, don’t let the rain are gap.


If you don’t clearly clear the watering method, you can waterly water, no more than 2/3 of the pot of water from the bottom of the pot, about 15 seconds. But the water is watering not to use often, just once a month.

Watering time also requires. When I saw the leaves, the wrinkled skin, it was necessary to water in time, and the leaves will slowly recover after 6 hours. Record the time of wrinkles of the leaves, water can be watered next time to avoid this phenomenon.


Fertilization should be combined with watering, plant fertilizer in water, or incorporate liquid fertilizer, directly water, pay attention to thin fat, do not apply large fat. The fertilization is 5 ~ 6 times a year, and the specific time can be determined according to the growth of the plant.


When the fifty bell jade is watering, do not poured from above; when the water is watered, if the permeability of the potte is poor, it is best to immerse half wet. Don’t water in the rain, don’t rain. Watering in the winter in winter.

At least 5 hours or more light time, if you encounter a rainy day, pay attention to ventilation, or artificially incandescent lamp.

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